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Jonathan Ira Thompson

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG

There are 2 included publications by Jonathan Ira Thompson :

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The reaction of alternate oxidants with cytochrome P450BM3 and mutants generates spectrally detectable, high valent iron intermediates 2006 648 "The Cytochrome P450 family serves as the forefront for xenobiotic metabolism in the human body. An understanding of the mechanism behind this enzyme family is a necessity for later research in the areas of pharmaceuticals and biochemistry. It has be...
Spectroscopic investigations of intermediates in the reaction of cytochrome P450BM3–F87G with surrogate oxygen atom donors 2006 331 Rapid mixing of substrate-free ferric cytochrome P450BM3–F87G with m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid (mCPBA) resulted in the sequential formation of two high-valent intermediates. The first was spectrally similar to compound I species reported previously fo...