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Linda P. Brady

Prior to coming to UNCG, Chancellor Linda P. Brady served the federal government and American higher education in a number of significant leadership capacities. She brings to UNCG a strong commitment to scholarship, research and public service as well as a profound understanding of the global marketplace in which students must compete.

There are 3 included publications by Linda P. Brady :

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Bureaucratic Determinants of Foreign Policy: Some Empirical Evidence 1977 2637 A recent development in the study of foreign policy is the growing attention being given to bureaucratic politics explanations of national foreign policy behavior.' In fact, it would be no exaggeration to characterize the bureaucratic politics approa...
Negotiating European Security: Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR) 1981 659 This article has four objectives. The first is simply to indicate where the MBFR talks are and from whence they have come. The second is to summarize the negotiating principles that underlie the positions of East and West. The third is to outline the...
Planning for Foreign Policy: A Framework for Analysis 1977 1364 `Avoid trivia.' Such was the advice given to George F. Kennan, first director of the Policy Planning Staff (s/P)1 of the United States Department of State by the Secretary of State, George C. Marshall. The staff was created by Marshall in April 1947 ...