Jeffrey T. Adams

Dr. Jeffrey Adams is an Associate Professor of Media Studies. Dr. Adams offers genre, auteur, and critical writing courses in the Film and Television Studies Concentration including Studies in Media Genres: Film Noir. His interests in film studies include film noir, German new wave cinema, Weimar expressionism (horror), and literary adaptation. Dr. Adams has a PhD in German from Northwestern University and has done undergraduate and graduate work at German universities in Göttingen and Stuttgart. His scholarly interests range from film criticism to German and European literary history, philosophy (German Idealism, Nietzsche, existentialism), and psychoanalysis. His book publications on German literature include Eduard Mörike's Orplid. Myth and the Poetic Mind, Mörike's Muses. Critical Essays on Eduard Mörike (ed.), and Mimetic Desire. Narcissism in German Literature from Romanticism to Postmodernism (co-ed.). He has published articles on Goethe, Kafka, Freud, and Patrick Süskind in journals such as The German Quarterly, The Germanic Review, and Deutsche Vierteljahrschrift. His latest publication is "Orson Welles' The Trial: Film Noir and the Kafkaesque" in College Literature.