Scott Ross

Research Interests: Identify postural stability assessments and outcome measures that are sensitive to detecting balance impairments. Quantify anatomical, biomechanical, and sensorimotor factors that contribute to balance deficits. Administer traditional and complimentary therapeutic interventions that are specific to correcting sensorimotor deficiencies and balance.

There are 2 included publications by Scott Ross :

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Center of Pressure Regularity With and Without Stochastic Resonance Stimulation in Stable and Unstable Ankles 2014 615 Chronic ankle instability (CAI) is associated with sensorimotor deficits, which may affect dynamic complexity by constraining the postural control system. Stochastic resonance stimulation (SRS) may restore sensory function and promote healthy postura...
Multiplanar Knee Laxity and Perceived Function During Activities of Daily Living and Sport 2015 422 Context: Greater knee-joint laxity may lead to a higher risk of knee injury, yet it is unknown whether results of self-reported outcome measures are associated with distinct knee-laxity profiles.
Objective: To identify the extent t...