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Seta, John


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Does lateral attention affect health behavior?: investigating hemispheric influences in framed health messages. 2010 696 The current study was designed to test whether the systematic/contextual perspective would successfully account for lateralized responses to framed health messages. Accordingly, gain or loss framed messages promoting sunscreen use were presented to p...
Back to the future: how future choices impact current satisfaction 2010 245 Experiment 1 tested whether the number of solutions to a proposed policy that did or did not have a direct impact on participants would influence their current satisfaction. Diverse relative to limited future choices enhanced current satisfaction whe...
Hemispheric differences in color perception: relative versus absolute frequency levels, implications and possible applications 2013 340 Four experiments tested a proposed extension of Double Filtering by Frequency theory by examining whether the left and right hemispheres of the human brain are differentially sensitive to high and low electromagnetic frequencies, respectively, and wh...