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Rublee, Parke


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A comparison of small subunit 16S ribosomal DNA recombinant plasmid clone libraries from High Point City Lake, NC 2006 505 "Studies of aquatic communities represent a unique method of monitoring the health of water resources. High Point City Lake small subunit 16S ribosomal DNA clone libraries were compared across small spatial and temporal scales. This study used polyme...
Developing real-time PCR to identify cyanobacteria populations in lakes 2011 1679 The objective of this project was to develop and test primers for real-time PCR analysis of cyanobacteria. Primers were developed using an existing set of sequence libraries from the variable regions of the 16S rDNA for specific operational taxonomic...
Biogeography: do microbes have it? 2011 422 The purpose of this study was to use an empirical approach to assess microbial biogeography in freshwater lakes. The targeted, empirical approach was pursued in this work to 1) understand if the census-based methods are under-representing microbes in...