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Gibson, Mary


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From postmodern to post bildungsroman from the ashes: an alternative reading of Murakami Haruki and postwar Japanese culture 2009 5277 My dissertation explores how postcolonial discourse offers an alternative theoretical framework for the literary works produced in contemporary Japan. I read the works of Murakami Haruki as cultural ethnographies of postwar Japan and apply postcoloni...
Four essays on excess and fragmentation in modernism 2011 1067 In these essays, the object of inquiry is the multifaceted interplay of part and whole, especially with reference to the individual's relationship to society. The first section, on Algernon Charles Swinburne, is centered on Julia Kristeva's concept o...
Genres of work: working identities and the factory girl in Victorian literature 2013 904 The idea of Victorian womanhood typically summons images of Coventry Patmore's "angel in the house," the domestic saint who formed the moral center of the middle-class family. My dissertation examines another kind of Victorian woman: the factory girl...