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Allan, Kenneth


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The underrepresentation of women as cinematographers : a sociological exploration 2006 1540 "Since film's inception, over a hundred years ago, women have been underrepresented as cinematographers. Affirmative action, feminist movements and governmental equal opportunity acts have managed to make little impact on this male-dominated occupati...
The song remains the same : ownership concentration and format homogeneity in the radio industry 2007 921 "Radio stations tend to repeat existing formats, inhibiting diversity of musical broadcasting. Musical format homogeneity is problematic, because music conveys knowledge and ideas; therefore, an absence of musical diversity among radio stations indic...
Wife beating or chastisement? : an approach to generating new theoretical concepts for understanding the changing frames and discourses of domestic violence 2007 1933 "In this paper, I address the issue of domestic violence by means of a culturally and historically specific analysis, utilizing a theoretically adaptive approach. The data for this study were collected from newspapers and periodicals published beginn...