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Westervelt, Saundra


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Policing in the Era of Increased Awareness of Wrongful Convictions: Police Officers' Reflections on Institutional Change, Public Pressures and the Nature of Modern Policing 2007 1481 The purpose of this research is to first establish an increase in the level of public awareness of wrongful convictions between 1996 and 2005. The second objective is to assess law enforcement officers' experiences in their jobs given the increased l...
Without Force: Examining Voluntary Compliance in Police/Citizen Encounters 2008 1242 Law enforcement officers in the U. S. are granted the legal authority to issue commands to citizens and to compel citizen compliance through legal sanction, arrest, and even physical force. This research examines compliance interactions between polic...
An analysis of youth waived to Superior Court in North Carolina 2008 670 The purpose of this research is to examine youth aged 13 through 15 eligible for waiver to Superior Court in North Carolina between 2005 and 2007 to determine if waivers vary by gender, race, and age when controlling for the legal variables of offens...