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Calhoon, Robert


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The Affairs of Boston in the North Carolina Backcountry during the American Revolution. 2010 1981 The purpose of this body of work is to explain the development of revolutionary ideology at the regional level, utilizing the backcountry counties of North Carolina from the earliest migration of white settlers through the ratification of the Federal...
Political friendship in early America 2010 433 During the turbulent decades that encompassed the transition of the North American colonies into a Republic, America became the setting for a transformation in the context of political friendship. Traditionally the alliances established between elite...
Irish radicals, southern conservatives: slavery, religious liberty, and the Presbyterian fringe in the Atlantic world 2011 1911 This dissertation is a study of Covenanter and Seceder Presbyterians in Scotland, Ireland and the American South from 1637-1877. Correspondence, diaries, political pamphlets, religious tracts, and church disciplinary records are used to understand th...