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Blair, Nikki


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Grotesque beauty 2007 590 "My recent work explores the duality of beauty and the grotesque coexisting simultaneously within a singular sculptural form. I seek to make work that paradoxically seduces the viewer with the promise of beauty even as it repels in its cultivation of...
Explorations in labor and material as makers of place. 2010 564 This thesis paper contains a descriptive analysis of works produced by the author for the 2010 M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art Museum which runs from May 2nd through June 6th, 2010. The pieces included in the exhibition challenge pre...
An awkward specimen: deconstructing the body and the mental spaces in which it inhabits 2011 355 The written portion of the thesis is an analysis of the conceptual and aesthetic concerns of a series of artworks exploring the effects and relationships of medical and technological interventions on the body. My M.F.A. thesis installation includes v...