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Tolbert, Lisa


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"Your Former Selves and Your Present State:" Identity and Domestic Landscape in Upper Georgia, 1780-1815 2008 1996 This thesis examines the process by which Virginian migrants to the frontiers of Georgia fashioned their particular identity as a planter elite in the post-revolutionary South. Study of this migrant community, is a point of access not only to the cul...
"Making a considerable tumult in the streets" 2006 1642 "This thesis examines the construction of knowledge and identity revealed through the perspectives and acts of the participants in, opponents to, and observers of the North Carolina Regulation. By so doing, this work penetrates the elusive worldviews...
“All modern conveniences”: multi-family housing choice, the apartment, and the modernization of Raleigh, North Carolina, 1918-1929 2012 1753 This dissertation argues that city planners and boosters in 1920's Raleigh, North Carolina, advocated that she was to be a "residence city" based on single-family homes in exclusive suburbs for the white middle-class. However, both realtor-developers...