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Levenstein, Lisa


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Family pictures "out of place" : race, resistance, and affirmation in the Pope family photograph collection, 1890-1920 2006 586 "This thesis explores the significance of family photography for African Americans in the Jim Crow South through an examination of the photograph collection kept by the Popes, a middle-class African American family of Raleigh, NC. Drawing from multip...
Bridging the old South and the new: women in the economic transformation of the North Carolina Piedmont, 1865-1920 2010 3437 In the post-Civil War North Carolina Piedmont, hardship visited all Southerners, and cast unprecedented numbers of women from every socioeconomic level, not merely the lowest ranks, into roles as providers. Increasing numbers of women sustained alter...
Chain gangs, roads, and reform in North Carolina, 1900-1935 2011 2133 For the first three decades of the twentieth century, dozens of predominantly black county chain gangs proliferated across North Carolina. The camps existed solely to build county roads, a consequence of efforts by the North Carolina Good Roads Assoc...