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Duffy, Liam


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A new crossed molecular beam apparatus for the study of the Cl + O3 reaction probed via direct absorption of millimeter/submillimeter-waves 2012 696 For decades, molecular beam scattering experiments have been used to understand the forces and dynamics that are involved in chemical reactions at the quantum mechanical level. Using millimeter/submillimeter-waves the dynamics for the scattering of a...
New instrument for probing the pure rotational spectroscopy of cold molecules produced via "billiard-like" scattering 2012 413 Laser cooling of molecules has proved problematic due to their complex internal structure. Several alternative methods have been developed to cool molecules into the same temperature ranges previously attained using laser cooling methods on atoms. On...
Constructing velocity distributions in crossed-molecular beam studies using fourier transform doppler spectroscopy 2012 637 The goal of our scattering experiments is to derive the distribution the differential cross-section and elucidate the dynamics of a bimolecular collision via pure rotational spectroscopy. We have explored the use of a data reduction model to directly...