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Baker, Denise


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Courtly Contradictions: A Case for Guenevere 2007 2302 The purpose of this paper is to examine unusual characterizations of Guenevere in the Arthurian tradition relating to the tensions between courtly love, chivalry, and Christianity. Texts are drawn from the medieval and Victorian periods and include w...
Place, paradise, and perfection: the narrative function of three Middle English versions of paradise 2010 1008 This dissertation explores the concept of paradise as it is used as a physical space within Middle English literature. In examining the narrative function of this space, the fundamental question that it explores is whether the image carries with it a...
Reading incest: tyranny, subversion, and the preservation of patriarchy 2011 2613 British literature is rich in stories crafted around the problem of incest. Incest has long been seen as a universal, or near-universal, taboo, yet dynasties have been founded upon it--and have fallen because of it. This dissertation explores usage o...