Why It Makes Sense to Archive Your Work in NC DOCKS, A Web-Accessible Institutional Repository (IR) For Faculty Scholarship

a. The main benefit of depositing your papers in an open access IR is increased visibility and accessibility which translates into increased citations and impact. Studies show that traditionally published articles that are also posted in an IR receive a significantly greater number of citations than others not posted. They simply get more readers who can find them on the web. You will be engaging more colleagues in your discipline, more students searching for your topic, and more practitioners in the field.

b. Archiving in an IR will also benefit researchers around the world who cannot afford subscription to the journal or do not have access to a research library or interlibrary loan.

c. Finally, the IR provides a permanent URL for your work and a convenient place to store and access your scholarship when you need to self-reference in a future article or refer colleagues and students. With your scholarship secure in NC DOCKS, you can link from citations in your CV or departmental web page to the full text in your archive.

Submitting an Item

Any faculty member of UNC Charlotte interested in contributing works to NC DOCKS, should contact Somaly Kim Wu, Digital Scholarship Librarian, skimwu@uncc.edu, 704-687-1112. Faculty members may also submit work here.