Accidental Necromancer

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Danzis, Kinsey (Creator)
University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA )
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Mildred Barya

Abstract: The following chapters constitute the beginning of a high fantasy novel. When protagonist Nycosa Maren accidentally raises a mangled corpse named Asif from the dead—which is highly illegal and nearly impossible, especially since she has no idea how she did it—she finds him glued to her side for fear of dying again. Traveling exclusively by night, the pair look for a healer able to restore Asif’s missing body parts, eventually arriving in Windfall, a decrepit town plagued by an absurd number of inexplicable disappearances. Their suspicious appearance draws the attention of a woman named Rhione, who pursues them and eventually discovers that Asif is technically a dead man. The duo are forced to kidnap her in order to keep their secret under wraps. Rhione proceeds to blackmail them, claiming that she will run away and start a manhunt against them if they do not help her find her parents. These chapters set the stage for the trio’s companionship throughout the novel; when they find Rhione’s parents, as well as the other missing people, they will also find a necromantic danger greater than they could have anticipated, as well as the secret behind Nycosa’s mysterious abilities.

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Language: English
Date: 2019
novel ; fantasy fiction ; creative writing

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