Suggesting Proprietary Liqueurs

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Abstract: Liqueurs and Cordials: The terms cordial and liqueur are synonymous. Cordials are alcoholic beverages prepared by mixing and redistilling various spirits (brandy, whisky, rum, gin, or other spirits) with certain flavoring materials, such as fruits, flowers, herbs, seeds, barks, roots, peels, berries, juices, or other natural flavoring substances. Cordials differ from all other spirits because they must contain at least 2½ % sugar by weight. The sugar may be beet, maple, cane, honey, corn, or a combination of these. Between 2½ % and 10% sugar content, the product is still not very sweet and may be labeled as ‘dry.’ Most cordials contain up to 35% of a sweetening agent. Proprietary Brands: The liqueurs mentioned in the manual are, in most cases, world-famous specialty liqueurs that are produced under closely guarded secret formulas and marketed under registered trademark brands. These liqueurs are made in each case by only one house. Most have centuries of tradition behind them and have become household names.

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Language: English
Date: 2009

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