Benchmarking Operations: The key to Understanding and Improving Your Club

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Ed Rehkopf, Donor to Hospitality and Tourism Administration (Creator)
North Carolina Central University (NCCU )
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Abstract: Imagine two professional baseball teams. One team measures every aspect of every player’sperformance – the number of at bats; number of hits, walks, and strikeouts; batting averagesagainst right- and left-handed pitchers; slugging averages; and fielding percentages. They alsomeasure each pitcher’s earned run average, number of base on balls, strikeouts, wild pitches;and so on. The other team decides it’s too much trouble and keeps no statistics whatsoever.These two teams will meet each other twenty-four times a season. While well-matched inplayer talent, hustle, and desire and though each team possesses competent management andcoaching, one team dominates the other season after season. Would anyone be surprised bywhich is the dominant team?As everyone knows this example is ludicrous because every baseball team measures players’performance and uses this information to make crucial game decisions. What is it that baseballmanagers understand that some club managers don’t seem to grasp? The fact that everythingin life follows patterns. When patterns are tracked and analyzed, they can be used to predictfuture performance and make ongoing operational decisions.

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Language: English
Date: 2021

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