The development of essential character traits in prospective religious workers through the atmosphere : methods and curriculum of a non-denominational Christian college

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Franklin McNutt

Abstract: It is obvious that certain character traits are essential for success in Christian workers. There are, no doubt, some in the acquaintance of nearly everyone who, though they claim to have a desire for and a "call" to Christian work, have failed in this work. In the majority of cases, the reason for failure lies in the lack of some character trait or traits. This fact has been found true in the brief history of People's Bible College. Some of its graduates have not made a success in their chosen field of Christian service, though they have completed successfully the same scholastic requirements as others who have made a success. Most leaders of Christian work recognize this need of certain traits in order for Christian workers to be successful. Scholarship is, of course, essential; but it is secondary to character. Many teachers, students, and friends of People's Bible College have long felt the need of some definite goals for character formation which are essential for success in those Christian teachers, ministers, missionaries, and other Christian workers who go out from this college. Nothing of this nature, as far as the author has been able to determine, has yet been done for schools of this particular type.

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Language: English
Date: 1949
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