Immediate effects of win-loss on perceptions of cohesion in intramural and intercollegiate volleyball teams.

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Diane L. Gill, Professor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: In two separate studies, members of 16 women's intramural volleyball teams (n = 94) and six women's intercollegiate volleyball teams (n = 68) completed pre-and postmatch questionnaires to determine the immediate effects of success-failure on perceptions of cohesion. A 2 x 2 (win-loss x pre-post) MANOVA on seven cohesion items yielded significant win-loss and pre-post main effects, and a significant win-loss by pre-post interaction for intramural teams. Univariate analyses indicated that winners increased and losers decreased in cohesion ratings from pre- to postmatch on three variables: level of teamwork, cohesion, and sense of belonging. Multivariate analyses yielded no significant effects for intercollegiate teams, although a univariate interaction similar to that in intramural teams was found for the cohesion variable. The results suggest that perceptions of cohesion are influenced by the immediate effects of win-loss.

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Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 4, 227-234
Language: English
Date: 1982
Intramural volleyball, Intercollegiate volleyball, Cohesion, Success-failure

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