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Andrew Martin

Abstract: My thesis consists of drawings utilizing conte-a-paris on paper. The Mack conte crayons ranged in hardness from firm to very soft. The other colors of conte crayons that I used were Bistre and Sanguine. The best paper used is arches high quality huff colored printing paper. The white paper in the thesis is of two qualities, one being a domestic etching paper of rag content and the other a strathmore alexis drawing paper of mediumweight. One work that is over six feet in height, wan drawn on the white domestic etching paper and connected at the edges by taping them together on the back. The subject matter of the drawings is myself and my wife. Also, objects such as a plant and an artist's mannequin were used. The drawings are concerned with space, volume and form. The word space refers to a limited extension in two or three dimensions. The width and length of lines used, provides for two dimensions. The position of lines, their stress and direction, adds to the illusion of the third dimension. With the word volume, I refer again to space, but more precisely, to an occupied space or mass. The word form refers to the shape and structure of my selected subject matter. The subject of each drawing was placed alone upon the surface of each piece of paper.

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Language: English
Date: 1977

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