Ethical judgments of high school seniors in Piedmont North Carolina

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Abstract: The ethical standards to which people give their allegiance are relatively permanent, even though their application may vary with changes of social organization and custom. The President's Commission on Higher Education lists as its first objective of general education: ‘To develop for the regulation of one's personal and civic life a code of behavior based on ethical principles consistent with democratic ideals."1 The statement continued: General education can foster and quicken respect for ideals and values. Wise men, of course, have never doubted the importance of ethical considerations, but for a generation or two these matters seem to have been out of fashion among sophisticated intellectuals. If anything is clear in these times, it is the urgent need for soundly based ideals to guide personal and social relationships in a world where insecurity is steadily weakening trust between man and man. Interpersonal relations, business relations, labor relations, even international relations, depend, if they are to prosper, on good faith, decent intention, and mutual confidence. Ethical principles that will induce this faith need not be based on any single sanction or be authoritarian in origin, nor need finality be claimed for them. Some persons will find the satisfactory basis for a moral code in the democratic creed itself, some in philosophy, and some in religion. Religion is held to be a major force in creating the system of human values on which democracy is predicated, and many derive from one or another of its varities a deepened sense of human worth and a strengthened concern for others. 2

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Language: English
Date: 1951
High school seniors $x Attitudes $z North Carolina $z Piedmont (U.S. : Region)

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