Concepts of husband-wife roles held by boys and girls in a southern high school

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Abstract: There is an appalling amount of conflict and unhappiness among married couples today. There is evidence of this in the increasing divorce rate. According to Meyer F. Nimkoff: ... the trend of the divorce rate during the past half-century has been continuously upward, and the end of the upward course is not yet in sight. Although there have been some irregularities from year to year, principally because of economic depressions and wars, on the whole there has been an expansion of the divorce rate of nearly 4 per cent a year since 1896. 1 However, the divorce rate probably does not give the whole picture of marital failure, for as Bowman says: The divorce rate, high as it is, does not present an accurate picture of marriage failure, although as the divorce rate rises we may assume that its correlation with the failure rate increases. A marriage may be "broken" functionally as well as structurally. Many couples separate without divorce, and many others continue to live together even though their marriages have become no more than the legal ashes of once flourishing relationships. Thus marital failure is more common than the divorce rate suggests. . . .2

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Language: English
Date: 1950
Sexual division of labor
Work and family
Sex role
High school students $x Attitudes

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