A survey and evaluation of professional literature on spelling, 1938-1948

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Abstract: There have been rapid changes in methods of teaching spelling. At one time spelling was restricted to a specific list of words in the curriculum for each grade, with little regard for functional use. This method has been recognized as inefficient since the mere learning of isolated lists of words is not sufficient. However the present tendency in methods of teaching spelling is toward the functional approach, and consequently spelling is being used in the modern school with the broader activity program. The old method of drilling every pupil on every word is not sufficent. Word lists are being individualized for daily instruction and individual remedial work is used. So much has been written on methods to use in the teaching of spelling that one needs to sort and evaluate them. Some of the new trends in spelling have been summarized by Gertrude Hildreth, who writes: "the routine, regimented, uniform drill which has prevailed so long proves in the end to be inefficient----Nothing is going to improve the situation except more efficient and intelligent instruction." 1

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Language: English
Date: 1949
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