Hydrochalarones: a novel endohedral metallofullerene platform for enhancing magnetic resonance imaging contrast

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Christopher Kepley, Associate Professor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: Targeted imaging requires contrast agents that remain in the vasculature for extended periods of time. A new contrast agent is described in which gadolinium is encapsulated within an extremely stable carbon sphere, thus allowing for safe extended residence. Water solubility and small particle size is achieved with novel fullerene chemistry, attaching multiple oligoethylene glycol groups through nitrogen chemistry. These new compounds can be used to visualize tissue architecture in vivo with standard MRI techniques.

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Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2008; 51(13):3681-3
Language: English
Date: 2008
MRI, fullerenes, nanomaterials, Hydrochalarone, diagnostic medicine

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