A conceptual system for identifying teacher behaviors in physical education activity classes

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Judith Carol Showers (Creator)
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Gail Hennis

Abstract: The present study was designed to develop a scale which may be used to observe and describe the frequency of occurrence of selected teacher behaviors in physical education activity classes. Related problems were to study the objectivity and validity of the scale constructed. Seven concepts generally recognized in the literature as reflecting effective teaching were chosen for the study, and 31 behavioral correlates of these concepts were developed through documentary analysis and introspection. These behavioral items were submitted to a jury of nine experts for validation. In a pilot project, three observers used the scale to rate five teachers, and completed three daily ratings and a final composite form for each instructor. During the observations, judges rated each of the items as occurring frequently or always, sometimes, or seldom or never. The composite rating was completed without reference to the first three ratings. The objectivity for a total of 60 independent ratings was .73. The operational validity of the trial scale was discussed with the observers. Data from the jury members and the raters indicated that the scale was valid, and provided information which resulted in six minor revisions in the trial scale. The final scale included four broad categories (clarity and knowledge of subject, friendliness and interest in students, enthusiasm and sense of humor, and fairness) and 35 behavioral items.

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Language: English
Date: 1974
Physical education teachers
Behavioral assessment

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