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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Oh Boy Comics! A Reflexive Ethnography Of Comics And Childhood2010Grube, Victoria FacultyArt, ASU
Ontogenetic Shifts and Symbiont Succession in a Freshwater Cleaning Symbiosis Mutualism2014Thomas, Michael J.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Inhibits Cancer Cell Invasion Processes2017Goad, Dakota W.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Occupancy Modeling and Disease Susceptibility of Montane Salamander Species in Western North...2012Moffitt, Desiree' JoyStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Organic Frameworks for Novel Cobalt Glyoximes as Potential Hydrogen Catalysts2015Ester, Corbin DanielStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Optimization of Parameters for the Construction of a Sensing System to Measure the Hydrolysi...2015McGuire, Nicholas DavidStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Online Privacy Control Via Anonymity And Pseudonym: Cross-Cultural Implications2008Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
Organic & Intentional: A Study of Network Theory and Nonprofit Collaboration in the High Cou...2015Parshley, Genevieve StudentCommunication - Student, ASU
Oral Perception Of Liquid Volume Changes With Age2015McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
On Proving the Correctness of Program Transformations Based on Free Theorems for Higher-orde...2005Johann, Patricia FacultyComputer Science, ASU
One-To-One Scale Modeling For 3D Printing2017Yang, Michael HuStudentComputer Science - Student, ASU
Organizing Marx's Multitude: A Composition on Decomposition2009Stanovsky, Derek FacultyCultural, Gender, and Global Studies, ASU
On-the-Job Leisure as a Cause of Asymmetric Observed Effort Distributions2006Dickinson, David L. FacultyEconomics, ASU
Observed Punishment Spillover Effects: A Laboratory Investigation Of Behavior In A Social Di...2014Dickinson, David L. FacultyEconomics, ASU
One Million Dollars per Mile?: The Opportunity Costs of Hurricane Evacuation2003Whitehead, John FacultyEconomics, ASU
Ordered Chaos: The Implications Of Childrearing In The Underrepresentation Of Women In Educa...2008Wright, Angela TrivetteStudentEducational Leadership - Student, ASU
Orientalism and Western Fans: A Look at Fandom Surrounding Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto2013Garrison, Jeffrey AdamStudentEnglish - Student, ASU
Ocean–Atmosphere Influences on Low-Frequency Warm-Season Drought Variability in the Gulf Coa...2011Soule', Peter T. FacultyGeography and Planning, ASU
On the Road to Healthy Communities: Cyclists’ Perceptions of the Environment2011Roberts, Amanda WhitleyStudentGeography and Planning - Student , ASU
Oak Regeneration Patterns and Stand Dynamics in Burned and Unburned Forest Stands in Shawnee...2013Brown, Reece MichaelStudentGeography and Planning - Student , ASU
On The Interpretation Of Recharge Estimates From Steady-State Model Calibrations2007Anderson, William FacultyGeology, ASU
Oldest records of the Late Triassic theropod dinosaur Coelophysis bauri2007Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
The oldest North American prosauropod, from the Upper Triassic Tecovas Formation of the Chin...2002Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Osteoderms of juveniles of Stagonolepis (Archosauria: Aetosauria) from the lower Chinle Grou...2008Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Occurrence of the dinosaurian ichnogenus Grallator in the Redonda Formation (Upper Triassic:...2000Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU