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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Accounting for Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Context and Stakeholders Matter2013Kowalczyk, Tammy FacultyAccounting, ASU
Assessment Of Statistical Power In Contemporary Accounting Information Systems Research2004McSwain, Dwayne FacultyAccounting, ASU
Accounting Practices Of Cacao Farmers In Southern Belize2016McKinney, Cody StudentAccounting - Student, ASU
Anthropocene Writing: Ocracoke 2159 and Speculative Ethnography2019James, Patrick StudentAnthropology - Student, ASU
Appalachian Rural Homelessness: The Case Of Watauga County, North Carolina2008Jenkins, Carl DavidStudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
Appalachian Animals on Our Mind: A Survey of Human-Animal Relationships in Appalachian Liter...2012Walters, April LeighStudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
Admitting Their Worlds: Reflections Of A Teacher/Researcher On The Self-Initiated Art Making...2009Grube, Victoria FacultyArt, ASU
Aurantimonas Manganoxydans, Sp. Nov. And Aurantimonas Litoralis, Sp. Nov.: Mn(II) Oxidizing ...2009Brauer, Suzanna FacultyBiology, ASU
Antagonism Of Endothelin Action Normalizes Altered Levels Of VEGF And Its Signaling In The B...2007Mowa, Chishimba Nathan FacultyBiology, ASU
Allopolyploidy, Diversification And The Miocene Grassland Expansion2014Estep, Matt FacultyBiology, ASU
Ammonia Transportation Via Rhesus Glycoproteins In Lonhorned Sculpin (Myoxocephalus Octodece...2016Ellis, Laura VictoriaStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Anti-Bacterial Properties Of Ethanolic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract And Proteomic Analysis ...2016Smith, Brandon E. StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Associations Between Parasitic Blow Flies And The Breeding Density And Synchrony Of Cavity N...2018Gussman, Kayla StudentBiology - Student, ASU
The Antibacterial Efficacy Of Ethanolic Whole-Leaf Moringa Oleifera Sub-Fractions On Escheri...2018Orders, Tanner MarcStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Assessing Reproductive Potential In A Federally Listed Species: Differential Staining For Po...2018Wise, Jr., James ElmerStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Application Of The TriFISHer Assay For Estrogenic Activity From Wastewater Treatment Plant (...2018Tate, Charles BrandonStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Ammonia excretion in the Atlantic hagfish, (Myxine glutinosa)2013Arnold, Justin MatthewStudentBiology - Student , ASU
Avian Guano as a Nutrient Input to Cliff-Face Ecosystems in Western North Carolina2015Langevin, Angela Elizabeth StudentBiology - Student , ASU
Analysis of the Function of Matrix Attachment Region-Binding Filament-Like Protein 1 (MFP1) ...2012Havighorst, Amanda RoseStudentBiology - Student , ASU
An Analysis of the Efficient Market Theory: Active Versus Passive Investment Management in E...2011Hopkins, Brandy ElaineStudentBusiness - Student, ASU
Alanine Scanning Mutagenesis Of A High-Affinity Nitrate Transporter Highlights The Requireme...2012Cecile, Jennifer FacultyChemistry, ASU
Analysis Of Photochemical Compounds In Moringa Oleifera Leaves With Capillary Zone Electroph...2018Uribe-Rheinbolt, Franchesca StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Assessment Of The Biodegradation Potential Of Diluted Bitumen In Seawater2019Faught, Patrick WilliamStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Affective and Social Factors Influencing the Continuance Intention of Using Social Technolog...2012Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
Accelerating The Use Of Weblogs As An Alternative Method To Deliver Case-Based Learning2008Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU