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Individual Variation In Stress Hormones And Behavioral Profiles Represented By Personality A...2017Content, Kristen ReneeStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Investigation of male Golden-winged Warbler plumage traits as sexually selected ornaments2015Tisdale, Anna Chewning StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Is There A Connection Between Diet And Preterm Labor In African American Women? An Analysis ...2016Eubanks, Sarah Rachael ElizabethStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Investigating The Role Of Putrescine Transport And Biosynthesis In Vibrio Cholerae Biofilm F...2016Isenhower, Jada StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Identifying Evolutionary Significant Units in Spiraea virginiana2017Clark, Logan StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Investigation Of Protein Interaction Partners Of Plant-Specific Coiled-Coil Proteins2017DeShields, Alison R.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Immunological Effects Of Moringa Oleifera On Malaria And Malnutrition During Plasmodium Chab...2019Pilotos, Jennifer StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Influence Of Water Chemistry And Predator Communities On The Egg Mass Polymorphism Of Ambyst...2019Neufeld, Gabriela StudentBiology - Student, ASU
The Impact Of Two Salamander Species On Detrital Communities And Forest Ecosystem Function2008Pleasants, Jessica WallStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Investigating The Effect Of A Prolonged Gap 1 Phase On Specification Of Progenitors During Z...2019Hahn, Katie StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Investigation Of Metal-Doped TiO2 And Fenton-Like Reactions For Waste Water Decontamination2016Willett III, Howard LeroyStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Integrative Approach To Understanding Customer Satisfaction With E-Service Of Online Stor...2014Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
Importance Of Diversified Leadership Roles In Improving Team Effectiveness In A Virtual Coll...2008Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
The Impact Of Social Influence, Information Quality And Online Forum Features On The Credibi...2015Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
Intention To Disclose Personal Information Via Mobile Applications: A Privacy Calculus Persp...2016Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
An Integrative Model To Predict The Continuance Use Of Electronic Learning Systems: Hints Fo...2006Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
The Impact Of Information Richness On Information Security Awareness Training Effectiveness2009Chen, Charlie FacultyCIS & SCM, ASU
Is Funny News Fake News? Analyzing The Role Of Satirical News And Its Implications In Mainst...2017Gazzillo, Angela StudentCommunication - Student , ASU
Identification Of Swallowing Tasks From A Modified Barium Swallow Study That Optimize The De...2017Hazelwood, R. Jordan FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Initiation And Duration Of Laryngeal Closure During The Pharyngeal Swallow In Post-Stroke Pa...2010McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Improvement In Arousal, Visual Neglect, And Perception Of Stimulus Intensity Following Cold ...2012McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Inter-And Intrajudge Reliability Of A Clinical Examination Of Swallowing In Adults2000McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Inter- And Intrajudge Reliability For Video fluoroscopic Swallowing Evaluation Measures2001McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Is The Information About A Test Important? Applying The Methods Of Evidence-Based Medicine T...2004McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
The Influence of Pranyama Breathing Techniques, after Traumatic Brain Injury on Self-Percept...2015Denman, Lindsey StudentCommunication Sciences and Disorders - Student, ASU