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Mary Jane Carmichael

There are 3 included publications by Mary Jane Carmichael :

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Geomicrobiology of Ferromanganese Deposits in Caves of the upper Tennessee River Basin 2012 3422 Ferromanganese deposits in epigenic cave systems located within the Knox Dolomite bedrock formation of the upper Tennessee River Basin were analyzed to determine the role of microbes in the cycling of manganese and the transformation of cave mineralo...
Mn(II)-oxidizing Bacteria are Abundant and Environmentally Relevant Members of Ferromanganese Deposits in Caves of the Upper Tennessee River Basin 2013 384 The upper Tennessee River Basin contains the highest density of our nation's caves; yet, little is known regarding speleogenesis or Fe and Mn biomineralization in these predominantly epigenic systems. Mn:Fe ratios of Mn and Fe oxide-rich biofilms, co...
Sustained Anthropogenic Impact in Carter Saltpeter Cave, Carter County, Tennessee and the Potential Effects On Manganese Cycling 2013 281 Anthropogenic impact is a pervasive problem in heavily trafficked cave systems and fecal contamination is equally problematic in many cave and karst waters worldwide. Carter Saltpeter Cave in Carter County, Tennessee exhibits Mn(III/IV) oxide coating...