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Isaac Greyson Talley (Creator)
East Carolina University (ECU )
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Abstract: For at least the past four generations, my family has depended on tobacco as a source of income. The values passed down from my ancestors have had a great influence on my development as a person. This being stated, I cannot overlook the consequences that have resulted from tobacco's abuse. Since high school, I tortured myself with thoughts and realizations of this issue. With a better understanding of the politics surrounding tobacco, I am attempting to mediate this subject through art.   Tobacco did not start off being a problem. However, in the past two centuries, the way in which our western culture has allowed tobacco corporations to function has caused a global pandemic. This is no longer a national problem, but has spread its roots to infect the entire world. I feel these corporations that practice irresponsibly are the cancer that is hurting so much of the world. Through my artwork, I attempt to explore the different institutions our culture allows the tobacco industry to use as a means of reproduction. When the practices of these corporations industry are examined, they reveal a system built on disregarding human health in the pursuit of profit and reinforce many negative aspects of our American culture.  

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Language: English
Date: 2010

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