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Abstract: Background: Prevalence of sedentary occupations is on the rise and sedentary time is independently associated with an increased risk for chronic diseases. Interventions conducted in the work site have potential for reducing prolonged bouts of sedentary time amongst employees working in sedentary jobs. The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of a 12-week worksite intervention for reducing time spent sedentary amongst full-time sedentary employees. Methods: Forty full-time sedentary employees working at desk dependent jobs were randomized to either: 1) an intervention group (N=23; 47.6±9.9 yrs; 94.1% female; 33.2±4.5 kg/m2); 2) or wait list control group (N=17; 42.6±8.9 yrs; 86.9% female; 31.7±4.9 kg/m2). Participants in the 12-week intervention group received an under the desk portable pedal exercise machine a pedometer and access to an internet-based program designed to improve self-efficacy self-monitoring and social support for physical activity. Time spent sedentary was measured objectively by a StepWatch activity monitor. Results: The intervention group significantly reduced daily minutes sedentary time (P<0.01) and percent daily time spent sedentary (P=0.03) compared to the control group from baseline to 12 weeks. The intervention group also significantly increased percent daily time spent in moderate intensity activity (P=0.04) compared to the control group. Conclusions: Findings from this study suggest that the intervention was efficacious at reducing time spent sedentary amongst full-time sedentary employees. These findings are significant due to the growing number of sedentary jobs in the U.S. and the potential of for this technology to be implemented in large-scale work site health programs.

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Date: 2012
Public Health, Health care management, sedentary
Sedentary behavior
Sedentary people--Research
Employee health promotion

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