Tangible Emanations

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Hanna Jubran

Abstract: This is a report on my creative research. It is supplementary to my thesis exhibition of works of sculpture images of which are included in this report. These sculptures explore the intangible emanations that emerge from a living being. My figurative sculptures depict archetypes of people with various types of auras. The auras emanate from one body and connect to another. In some pieces they take on the shape of another life form such as an animal. Yoga postures are used as an entry point because yoga itself suggests a link between the abstract and the tangible. Tradition asserts that yoga can serve to produce an ephemeral spiritual enlightenment through physical fitness. Similar to a yoga practitioner using the palpability of the physical body to achieve the intangible emanations are represented as physical things in these sculptures. The yoga postures and auras that are visualized and made into sculptures represent the intangible aura inherent in everyone. 

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Date: 2011
Fine arts, Religion, Asian studies, Agnostic, Buddhism, Sculpture, Tibetan, Yoga
Sculpture, American--North Carolina
Aura--In art

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