New Gnostic Gospels

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Abstract: Science Fiction writer Philip K. Dick's quest for God becomes a binding theme in many of his works including VALIS and The Divine Invasion two of his final three novels. Together these two novels combined with his Exegesis are Dick's attempts to gain true knowledge and reconcile humanity with the divine. VALIS and The Divine Invasion each chronicle a Gnostic quest for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Individually these novels tell the stories of characters whom whether willingly or not have been chosen to participate in God's plans. Together they express and explore Philip K. Dick's drive for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment and his journey toward Gnostic revelation. Accordingly VALIS and The Divine Invasion can not only be understood as works of Science Fiction in which Gnostic thought is deliberately explored and expressed but also as Gnostic gospels in which the writer has explained and evaluated his own spiritual evolution for both the salvation of himself and humanity. 

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Date: 2013
Literature, Gnosticism, Philip K. Dick, Religion, Science Fiction, The Divine Invasion, VALIS

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