Facebook & Infidelity

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Abstract: This study considers the motivational factors behind the use of Facebook a popular social networking site for online infidelity behaviors. Although a large amount of research has been conducted on online infidelity these studies have been limited to the use of pornography chat rooms and emailing. To date there has been very little attention given to the ways that social networking sites may facilitate Internet infidelity. Given the problems associated with Internet infidelity focusing on the use of social networking sites for infidelity behavior adds another layer to our understanding of Internet infidelity. One hundred and nine participants completed a Social Networking Sites activities questionnaire as well as the Mental Health Inventory the Satisfaction with Life Scale the Relationship Assessment Scale and the Adult Attachment Scale. Although no significant findings were found when assessing for motivational factors associated with this behavior fifty-one percent of the participants in this study reported in engaging in at least one form of infidelity behaviors through their Facebook account. This finding supports the need to better understand the phenomenon of using social networking sites to engage in behaviors that may be considered Internet infidelity. 

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Date: 2011
Psychology, affairs, Infidelity, Internet Infidelity, Motivational Factors, Social Networking Sites
Online social networks
Facebook (Electronic resource)

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