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Commute Times, Food Retail Gaps, and Body Mass Index in North Carolina Counties2010Ammerman, Alice S.StudentECU
A Community-Driven Approach to Identifying “Winnable� Policies Using the Centers for Dis...2012Ammerman, Alice S.StudentECU
Method of treatment using chemotherapy and erythropoietin1999Anagnostou, Athanasius A.StudentECU
The Decade of Bedbugs and Fear2011Anderson, Alice StudentECU
Phase IIb, Randomized, Double-Blind Trial of GC4419 Versus Placebo to Reduce Severe Oral Muc...2019Anderson, Carryn M.,Lee,Christopher M.,Saunders,Deborah P.,Curtis,AStudentECU
Heterozygous SOD2 Deletion Impairs Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion, but Not Insulin Act...2014Anderson, Ethan J.StudentECU
Increased Coronary Artery Disease Severity in Black Women Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery...2015Anderson, Ethan J.StudentECU
Metformin Improves Insulin Signaling in Obese Rats via Reduced IKK Action in a Fiber-Type Sp...2010Anderson, Ethan J.StudentECU
Stressing the heart of the matter: Re-thinking the mechanisms underlying therapeutic effects...2012Anderson, Ethan J.,Taylor,David A.StudentECU
Calcium Dependent CAMTA1 in Adult Stem Cell Commitment to a Myocardial Lineage2012Anderson, Page StudentECU
Is the genetic landscape of the deep subsurface biosphere affected by viruses?2011Anderson, Rika E,Brazelton,William J,Baross,John AStudentECU
The professionalism disconnect: do entering residents identify yet participate in unprofessi...2014Andolsek, Kathryn StudentECU
Effect of Versican G1 Domain Overexpression on Hyaluronan, Hyaluronidase-2, and Synovial Joi...2014Andrews, Kristen NicholeStudentECU
Nuclear Progesterone Receptors Are Up-Regulated by Estrogens in Neurons and Radial Glial Pro...2011Anglade, Isabelle StudentECU
How many steps/day are enough? For older adults and special populations2011Aoyagi, Yukitoshi StudentECU
Effectiveness of a Total Meal Replacement Program (OPTIFAST Program) on Weight Loss: Results...2018Ard, Jamy D.,Lewis,Kristina H.,Rothberg,Amy,Auriemma,AnthonyStudentECU
Implementation of the FISH! Philosophy in Primary Care: A change in the culture of healthcar...2016Arledge, Leslie StudentECU
Epigenome-Wide Analyses Identify Two Novel Associations With Recurrent Stroke in the Vitamin...2018Armstrong, Nicole M. Davis,Chen,Wei-Min,Brewer,Michael S.,Williams,SStudentECU
Transthyretin Amyloidosis: Proteolytic cleavage accelerates G53A TTR misfolding and aggregat...2020Arreola, Jenette StudentECU
Activation of GPR4 by Acidosis Increases Endothelial Cell Adhesion through the cAMP/Epac Pat...2011Asch, Adam S.StudentECU
Acidosis Activation of the Proton-Sensing GPR4 Receptor Stimulates Vascular Endothelial Cell...2013Asch, Adam S.StudentECU
Androgen Signaling Promotes Translation of in Prostate Cancer Cells via Phosphorylation of ...2013Asch, Adam S.StudentECU
Increased Glycemic Variability Is Independently Associated With Length of Stay and Mortality...2013Ata, Ashar StudentECU
The Evolution of the Late Roman World:\r\nRelgious, Political, and Military Developments in ...2020Atkinson, Corry StudentECU
ATX1-Generated H3K4me3 Is Required for Efficient Elongation of Transcription, Not Initiation...2012Avramova, Zoya StudentECU
Diet-Induced Muscle Insulin Resistance Is Associated With Extracellular Matrix Remodeling an...2011Ayala, Julio E.StudentECU
Novel Combination of Sorafenib and Celecoxib Provides Synergistic Anti-Proliferative and Pro...2013Azzolina, Antonina StudentECU
Novel Combination of Sorafenib and Celecoxib Provides Synergistic Anti-Proliferative and Pro...2013Bachvarov, Dimcho StudentECU
Genome-wide profiles of CtBP link metabolism with genome stability and epithelial reprogramm...2013Baek, Songjoon StudentECU
MucR binds multiple target sites in the promoter of its own gene and is a heat-stable protei...2018Baglivo, Ilaria,Pirone,Luciano,Malgieri,Gaetano,Fattorusso, Martin II,Pedone,Emilia Maria,Pedone,Paolo VincenzStudentECU
Ml proteins from Mesorhizobium loti and MucR from Brucella abortus: an AT-rich core DNA-targ...2017Baglivo, Ilaria,Pirone,Luciano,Pedone,Emilia Maria,Pitzer,Joshua Edison,Muscariello,Lidia,MarinStudentECU
New music camerata. [sound recording].2011Bair, Jeff 1960-StudentECU
Neighborhood Inequalities in Retailers' Compliance With the Family Smoking Prevention and To...2015Baker, Hannah M.StudentECU
Neighborhood Inequalities in Retailers’ Compliance With the Family Smoking Prevention and ...2015Baker, Hannah M.StudentECU
Trans-Amazon Drilling Project (TADP): origins and evolution of the forests, climate, and hyd...2015Baker, P.A.,Fritz,S. C.,Silva,C. G.,Rigsby,C. A.,Absy,M. L.,Almeida,R. StudentECU
Last Glacial Maximum in an Andean cloud forest environment (Eastern Cordillera, Bolivia): Co...2003Baker, Paul A,Bush,Mark,Fritz,Sherilyn,Rigsby,Catherine A,SeltStudentECU
Last Glacial Maximum in an Andean cloud forest environment (Eastern Cordillera, Bolivia): Co...2003Baker, Paul A.,Bush,Mark,Fritz,Sherilyn,Rigsby,Catherine A.,SeStudentECU
Assessment of Occupational Noise Exposure among Groundskeepers in North Carolina Public Univ...2016Balanay, Jo Anne G.,Kearney,Gregory D.,Mannarino,Adam J.StudentECU
Systems, Methods and Products for Diagnostic hearing assessments distributed via the use of ...2012Balch, David C.StudentECU
Systems, methods and products for diagnostic hearing assessments distributed via the use of ...2005Balch, David C.StudentECU
Adiposity changes after a 1-year aerobic exercise intervention among postmenopausal women: a...2011Ballard-Barbash, R StudentECU
Factors Associated with Survival of Veterans with Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors2012Balmadrid, Bryan L.StudentECU
Factors associated with survival of veterans with gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors2012Balmadrid, Bryan L.,Thomas,Catherine M.,Coffman,Cynthia J.,Liddle,RStudentECU
A CRISPR/Cas9 Toolbox for Multiplexed Plant Genome Editing and Transcriptional Regulation2015Baltes, Nicholas J.StudentECU
Observations on spiny dogfish () captured in late spring in a North Carolina estuary2014Bangley, Charles StudentECU
Biology and conservation of elasmobranchs: an introduction to the collection2014Bangley, Charles W.StudentECU
Delineation and mapping of coastal shark habitat within a shallow lagoonal estuary2018Bangley, Charles W.,Paramore,Lee,Dedman,Simon,Rulifson,Roger A.StudentECU