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Ethan W Taylor

**Education: B.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Winnipeg , 1981--Ph.D. (Pharmacology), University of Arizona , 1985--NIH Postdoc (Medicinal Chemistry), University of Arizona, 1986-1987 **Expertise: Medicinal, Computational, and Bioorganic Chemistry

There are 3 included publications by Ethan W Taylor :

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Anti-SPARC Oligopeptide Inhibits Laser-Induced CNV in Mice 2010 183 It is known that SPARC gates VEGF-A signal transduction towards KDR, the primary angiogenic VEGF receptor. We sought to determine whether inhibition of SPARC activity using anti-SPARC peptide could inhibit laser-induced CNV by promoting binding of VE...
Impact of heat treatment on size, structure, and bioactivity of elemental selenium nanoparticles 2012 1299 Background: Elemental selenium nanoparticles have emerged as a novel selenium source with the advantage of reduced risk of selenium toxicity. The present work investigated whether heat treatment affects the size, structure, and bioactivity of seleniu...
Sequence- and Target-Independent Angiogenesis Suppression by siRNA via TLR3 2008 156 Clinical trials of small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGFA) or its receptor VEGFR1 (also called FLT1), in patients with blinding choroidal neovascularization (CNV) from age-related macular degeneration, are...