E. Ike Udogu Ph.D.

There are 25 included publications by E. Ike Udogu Ph.D.:

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The Allurement of Ethnonationalism in Nigerian Politics: The Contemporary Debate 1994 4965 Discusses the incidence of ethnonationalism in Nigerian politics, reasons for incidence of psychology among ethnic groups in the country, and methods to dampen the effects of the phenomenon on the political climate in the country.
[Book review of] Corruption in Africa: Causes, Consequences, and Cleanups 2008 12306 Book review
[Book review of] Globalization, Violence and World Governance 2011 832 Book review
[Book review of] Human Rights and Social Movements 2011 1443 Book review
[Book review of] Human Rights: Politics & Practice 2012 14854 Book review
[Book review of] Imperialism and Human Rights: Colonial Discourses of Rights and Liberties in African History 2008 6139 Book review
Book review of] Kenya: Between Hope and Despair, 1963-2011 2012 4530 Book review
[Book review of] Political Alienation in Libya: Assessing Citizens’ Political Attitude and Behavior 2012 685 Book review
[Book review of] The Politics of Ethnicity in Ethiopia: Actors, Power and Mobilization under Ethnic Federalism 2012 7404 Book review
[Book review of] Rethinking Development Strategies in Africa: The Triple Partnership as an Alternative Approach—A Case of Uganda 2012 1296 Book review
[Book review of] Rethinking Development Strategies in Africa: The Triple Partnership as an Alternative Approach—A Case of Uganda 2012 195751 Book review
Democracy, the Two-party System and the Transition Imbroglio in the March toward Nigeria’s Third Republic 1985-1992 1994 2120 Abstract unavailable
Economic Community of West African States: From an Economic Union to a Peacekeeping Mission? 1999 6769 Abstract unavailable
An Examination of Minority Groups and Human Rights Issues in Europe and Africa 2000 1650 The question of human rights in the next millennium and 50 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a serious issue in both national and international politics. This essay examines briefly the issues of minorities and human rights in ...
Historicizing and Contextualizing the Discourse on African International Law and A Concise Overview of the Pacific Settlement of the Cameroon-Nigeria Bakassi Peninsula Dispute 2008 2131 For the past 50 years or so, the media and intellectual discourses on African politics have general portrayed the continent as being in perpetual turmoil. Th e causes of such conflicts have been related, but not limited, to the outcome of the Berli...
Human Rights and Minorities in Africa: A Theoretical and Conceptual Overview 2001 2804 This article addresses the human rights issues in Africa within the context of some general theories of human rights. The article notes that African countries have been unsuccessful in implementing the tenets of the documents they signed including th...
Human Rights Issues of Minorities in Contemporary India: A Concise Analysis 2012 12040 Abstract not available
In Search of Political Stability and Survival: Toward Nigeria’s Third Republic 1992 4462 Abstract unavailable
Incomplete Metamorphic Democracy as a Conceptual Framework in the Analysis of African Politics: An Exploratory Investigation 1996 2387 Discusses the conceptual framework for analyzing African democratic principles. Definition of democracy; Overview of democracy in Africa; Concept of incomplete metamorphic democracy; Re-examination of the complexity of democracy in Africa
The Issue of Ethnicity and Democratization in Africa: Toward the Millennium 1999 2665 Pan-Africanists thought had been thrashed out during the period of independence movement against colonial rule in the continent. Indeed, it is troubling to many observers that on the threshold of the next millennium, political ethnicity remains one o...
The Issue of Political Leadership in the Third World: What is to be done? 2008 9032 The article addresses the issue of political leadership and the desire to produce men and women who command national legitimacy in the developing nations. Political theorist Glenn D. Page defined political leadership based on the behavior of persons ...
The Military, Civil Society and the Issue of Democratic Governance: Toward Nigeria’s Fourth Republic 1995 1682 Generally, the assumption is that it is useful to apprehend where a nation has come from, historically, in order to successfully map out its future plans. Thus this article, among other things, addresses the complex process of democratization in Nig...
National Constitutions and Human Rights Issues in Africa 2003 2971 Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Marx, in the European context, and Dubois, Cabral, Fanon, and Ake, in the African political situation investigated and worked on modalities for constructing "the good political life" ...
National Integration Attempts in Nigerian Politics 1979-1984 1990 2535 Abstract unavailable
Prospects and Challenges in Post-apartheid South Africa: Toward the Next Millennium 1999 1886 Although South Africa remains an economic and political bellwether of a mineral rich continent, its position could be in doubt within the context of the historicity and specificity of postcolonial Africa, with its debt crisis, political instability a...