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James T. Chok

There are 2 included publications by James T. Chok :

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Extralimital triradii as a putative marker of schizotypy 2005 147 Dermatoglyphic anomalies are reported to occur at a higher rate in schizophrenic patients and schizotypic individuals than in the general population, supporting the hypothesis that they are a marker of vulnerability for such conditions. Dermatoglyphi...
Neuropsychological functioning in individuals at-risk for schizophrenia : a multidimensional investigation of attention, executive functioning, and memory 2006 1413 "Schizophrenia is currently conceptualized as a neurodevelopmental disorder in which subtle brain dysmaturation is expressed across a continuum of impairment referred to as schizotypy. Recently, schizophrenia researchers have attempted to identify ma...