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Patricia H. Reggio

**Expertise: Computational Biochemistry and Biomolecular Dynamics **Education: B.S., Chemistry, Louisiana State University at New Orleans,1971--Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of New Orleans,1978--Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New Orleans,1979

There are 2 included publications by Patricia H. Reggio :

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Inhibition of Striatal Dopamine Release by CB1 Receptor Activation Requires Nonsynaptic Communication Involving GABA, H2O2, and KATP Channels 2008 155 The main psychoactive component of marijuana, ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), acts in the CNS via type 1 cannabinoid receptors (CB1Rs). The behavioral consequences of THC or synthetic CB1R agonists include suppression of motor activity. One explanatio...
Synthesis and Pharmacology of 1-Methoxy Analogs of CP-47,497 2010 384 Three 1-methoxy analogs of CP-47,497 (7, 8 and 19) have been synthesized and their affinities for the cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors have been determined. Although these compounds exhibit selectivity for the CB2 receptor none have significant affi...