Timothy Perri PhD

EDUCATION: B.S. (1971), Economics (Honors), The University of Kentucky; M.A. (1974), Ph.D. (1978), Economics, The Ohio State University. EXPERIENCE: 1972-'77: Graduate Teaching Associate, The Ohio State University, Columbus. 1977-'80: Lecturer in and Assistant Professor of Economics, Ohio State University, Mansfield. 1980- present: Assistant Professor ('80-'84), Associate Professor ('84-'90), and Professor ('90-present) of Economics, Appalachian State University. COURSES TAUGHT: Principles of economics, intermediate price theory, economics of personnel, labor economics, economics of organization and management, and economics of decision making (MBA). AWARDS: Appalachian State University Student Government award for Outstanding Professor in the Walker College of Business 2015-2016.

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Does Signalling Solve The Lemons Problem? 2016 163 Maybe. Lemons and signalling models generally deal with different welfare problems, the former with withdrawal of high quality sellers, and the latter with socially wasteful signals. Absent signalling, with asymmetric information, high productivity w...