The near west: Mycenaean Greece and the Brotherhood of Kings, 1600-1100

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Abstract: Mycenaean Greece was a powerful Late Bronze Age society in the eastern Mediterranean, as is evidenced by its close dealings with West Asia and its temporary place as one of the great powers. Mycenae was an important trade partner with West Asia and produced luxury textiles, perfumes, and other materials to export, taking over the routes of the Minoans who came before them. In West Asia, empires in Babylon, Egypt, and Mitanni that had already existed as major political powers whose kings viewed themselves as part of a club of great powers, one which did not always include Mycenae. This thesis aims to orient Mycenae towards West Asia as a maritime borderland to the older and more formidable powers in the Brotherhood of Kings. To construct a history of Mycenae, this thesis analyzes Mycenae through the lens of its being a West Asian borderland that was influenced by Asiatic concepts of gender and power, before being expelled in the early days of the Bronze Age Collapse.

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Language: English
Date: 2023
Bronze Age, Brotherhood of Kings, Gender, Hittite, Mycenae, Power
Bronze age
Civilization, Mycenaean

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