How to love yourself and the human race in seventeen days (or less)

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Tiffany Leahan Thompson (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Pamela Duncan

Abstract: Presented here for your consideration is a multimedia, genre-bending creative experiment in the form of a comedic travel memoir. Utilizing conventions from several creative genres including memoir, fiction, screenwriting and stand-up comedy, this work will take you on a journey through the psyche of a self-identified stoner as she takes an impromptu road trip across America. Included are several original pieces of visual art designed to represent and emphasize particular moments from the journey and to give the reader an even more intimate glimpse into the creative mind. Functioning also as a hilarious tell-all, this work will call into question values held by our society, especially America’s conservative views on sex, drugs and rock and roll and how these things can aid a person’s development, when applied properly, rather than working as vehicles of destruction. This is intended above all to entertain, because joy is an ideal unto itself, the ultimate human ideal and if my paltry words can help but one person experience it, I would consider this work a success.

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Language: English
Date: 2012
Comedy, Creative Nonfiction, Experimental, Memoir, Multimedia, Road Trip
Voyages and travels
Travel in literature

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