Comparison of two wood filler types with respect to relative shrinkage across variations in temperature, in humidity, and within wood species

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Abstract: The purpose of this research was to compare two different types of wood filler (commonly known as wood putty) with respect to fill capability and relative shrinkage across varying levels of temperature and humidity. The investigation was developed based on processing requirements set forth by Shaw Industries Group at their facility located in Franklin, North Carolina. The processing requirements for Shaw’s hardwood flooring product lines governed the scope of this investigation and environmental conditions were simulated in an environmental control chamber. Characteristics of performance exhibited by the filler material are crucial for assuring the production and delivery of quality wood flooring. This research specifically focused on the investigation of relative shrinkage for two different water-based wood putty materials used for filling defects in hardwood flooring prior to finishing. Akzo Nobel brown wood putty (Type I) is currently used in Shaw’s defect-void filling process and Famowood walnut filler (Type II) is proposed as an alternative for the current filling materials. Both fillers were applied to a consistent, pre-defined defect cavity volume, and evaluated based on dimensional changes. Each standard test cavity was produced in a laboratory setting by a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine to represent a consistent defect volume. Shrinkage data was collected using a Contura HTG coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufactured by Zeiss, Maple Grove, Minnesota. Results showed that relative shrinkage of both wood fillers can be affected by variations in humidity while curing in the initial 1 hour set time. This research aimed to improve production quality of hardwood flooring in Western North Carolina and eliminate processing extremes at Shaw Industries Group.

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Language: English
Date: 2011
Hardwood, Humidity, Shrinkage, Species, Temperature, Wood Putty
Fillers (Materials)
Floors, Wooden

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