Assessing attitude revision in an online sample

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Thomas Ford

Abstract: Previous research on attitudes toward homosexuals utilized vignettes presented in a holistic fashion to participants (Batson, Floyd, Meyer, & Winner, 1999; Bassett et al., 2002; Mak & Tsang, 2008). In these vignettes, participants learned of a person’s sexual orientation and their sexual behavior. The present study implemented a methodological change which allows for a clearer understanding of a person’s attitudes toward a homosexual person and toward homosexuality. The vignettes that were administered holistically in previous studies were separated into two critical pieces – one detailing the sexual orientation of the target and the other detailing the sexual behavior of the target. The present study extended the findings of previous research by addressing three novel questions. First, what are people’s attitudes toward a person who revealed that they are either homosexual or heterosexual and are those attitudes affected by later learning that the person is promiscuous or celibate? Second, whether the content of a person’s religious beliefs affect these attitudes? Third, if people do revise their initial attitudes toward a homosexual person after learning that they are celibate? The data support the first hypothesis – participants did revise their attitudes after learning the target’s sexual behavior. The results also support the second hypothesis. Christian Orthodoxy did accentuate the effects of attitude revision. The third hypothesis was supported by the data – devout Christians liked a celibate person more than a promiscuous person regardless of the person’s sexual orientation.

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Language: English
Date: 2011
Attitude, Celibate, Homosexual, Promiscuous, Sequential
Homosexuality -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Sex -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Christian conservatism
Homosexuality -- Public opinion

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