Analysis of factors affecting peak to average ratio and mean power in wave energy computer models using regular and irregular waves

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Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Bora Karayaka

Abstract: This thesis investigates the factors that affect the Peak to Average Ratio (PTAR) and Mean Power (MP) for the Slider Crank Wave Energy Converter (SCWEC). The goal of this thesis is to reduce the PTAR while maximizing the MP. The PTAR needs to be reduced, because the generator that converts wave energy to electricity for the grid would become more efficient and less costly. During the process of minimizing the PTAR, the impact on MP production should be minimized, since producing usable power is the main purpose of any generation mechanism. In this thesis, a few system parameters affecting the PTAR and the MP are investigated and analyzed. In this analysis, these parameters are applied to multiple models of the system, and the results are recorded and compared. It is observed that the best combination of the PTAR and the MP can be determined under regular wave conditions as well as irregular wave conditions. Some of the factors that affect PTAR and MP include phase and time delay. Inertia additionally had an effect on both but was minimal.

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Language: English
Date: 2020
Mean Power, PTAR, Slider Crank, Wave Energy
Ocean wave power
Cranks and crankshafts
Electric generators

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