Never fully right

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Paul Matthew Farmer (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Tom Ashcraft

Abstract: In my sculptural paintings, which I refer to as Hybrids, the covering/uncovering relationship between the beautiful and the repulsive elements is a metaphor for art’s attempt to reveal Truth, which Heidegger describes in terms of the relationship between the “world” and “earth”. Referencing James Turrell’s work in regards to my volumetric light sculpture, I will demonstrate how it seeks to free the individual from the weight of maintaining a self-constructed reality, allowing one to experience temporary freedom from self and be open to the light of revelation. In further pursuit of this objective, my work enters the realm of time and sound based media. I will discuss three videos, one about the anxiety of maintaining a self-constructed reality, one about the search for truth of being, and one that aims specifically at experiencing what Heidegger calls Dasein, a primordial state of being in the world. For comparison I will examine Stan Brakhage’s experimentations with visual perception and the act of seeing.

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Language: English
Date: 2016
Abstract, Art, Contemporary, Painting, Sculpture, Video
Video art

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