Exploring how sex and love are defined in adulthood : conversations with women about romantic relationships

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Abstract: Sexuality research covers a wide range of topics, from the formation of attitudes to more indepthsexual experiences throughout life. A large body of research exists focusing specifically onthe adolescent and emerging adult populations. However, sexual attitudes and experiences acrossthe lifespan--especially adulthood and beyond--have recently become the focus of this researcharea. The current study aimed to further explore sexual attitudes among adult women, while alsofocusing on in-depth qualitative interviews related to the experiences and values that haveshaped these attitudes. Nine participants completed the Brief Sexual Attitudes Scale (Hendrick &Hendrick, 2006) and clustered groups emerged, with participants generally responding in a more“Open” or “Conservative” manner regarding the expression of their sexuality. From thesequestionnaire responses, two sets of follow-up interview questions were crafted for the separategroups. Three interviews were conducted with women from the “Open” group and threeinterviews were conducted with women from the “Conservative” group. From these interviews,the technique of concept mapping (Wheeldon & Faubert, 2009) was utilized to explore thethemes of birth control and STDs, promiscuous behaviors, importance and enjoyment of sexualactivity, and advice that older women would give to younger generations.

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Language: English
Date: 2015
Attitudes, Human Sexuality, Older Adulthood, Romantic Relationships, Sexual Experiences, Women
Older women -- Sexual behavior
Older women -- Attitudes
Women -- Sexual behavior
Sex -- Public opinion

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