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Hyman, Jeremy


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he different use of an urban and rural habitat by wintering and resident song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) : a case study from western North Carolina 2010 402 Differences in environments have the potential to affect the behaviors of animals within these areas. In comparison to rural environments, urban environments provide a warmer microhabitat, different predation risk levels, more anthropogenic food oppo...
Correlates of aggression : the interplay between boldness, testosterone, and territoriality in male song sparrows, Melospiz melodia, in urban and rural habitats 2011 720 Animals colonizing urban habitats are often noticeably bold in the presence of humans, and such boldness is typically thought to arise as urban individuals habituate to the repeated presence of humans. However, recent studies in animal behavior sug...
An examination of the influence of social information on territory selection by a partially migratory population of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) 2011 110 Territory selection can greatly affect a species’ ecology, from density to interactions among individuals. Previously, habitat quality was found to be one of the driving forces in territory selection. However, the use of social information received...